An employee at one of the world’s best-known technology companies confides that the organisation is trying to grow on big ideas no matter who they touch, what they require or what they promise.

A consultant to an up-start company in the business of making consumable goods shares that willingness to take their unique story of doing right by customers and employees alike is gaining traction with consumers who really care about how things are made and by whom.
And a family member of an accomplished entrepreneur who sold-off one successful business only to set her sights on realising a new corporate dream in an entirely new industry says that doing something good with new process, emerging machinery and few limitations is making growth possible.
The common strand that binds these stories is the power and value of new ideas.

In nearly every industry segment around the world, business leaders are looking beyond traditional competitive and geographic borders to connect with the people, capital and ideas that may transform markets, products and services, and lives, too.

Just because you’re an energy company doesn’t mean you can’t learn something important from the bustling services economy. A technology company can learn and develop great ideas from farmers. And a start-up biotech firm can learn a lot from financial services.
It seems the growing interconnectedness of organisations on a global scale is leading to a level of matrix idea-storming that entrepreneurs, business executives, process engineers and activists can all get excited about.

It’s an emerging story about potential and boundary crashing. It’s a narrative about ideas doubted from the word ‘Go’ that ultimately make a real difference – in financial and human terms. It’s partly about inspiring talented people to explore and accomplish great things together. It’s about risks worth taking and stories worth creating.

The global economy is alive with the seeds of great innovations yet to be realised. It is filled with talented people aiming to solve really big challenges, or to bring new inventions to market for the first time. It is busy asking ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ It is also exploring, testing and pushing perhaps as never before.

The power and value of ideas in the global business context should be readily apparent to today’s leaders. The search for ideas and the search for talent go hand-in-hand. They depend on leaders willing to see with new eyes and feel opportunities with new hands.
If you’re not chasing a big idea, why not? If you’re stuck in a linear career path, why? For many of us, the question boils down to, if not now, when?

The winners in tomorrow’s markets are those who are scrapping convention today. Isn’t it time you joined them? 

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