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Family Owned Companies

Aware of its importance and its extraordinary competitive advantages, we have over 25 years of experience in advising and supporting the family business in its major challenges and key issues for successful continuity.

We are big experts in the comprehensive advise of the family business knowing very well every of its profiles.

Among other things, we offer our experience, tailored to the specific needs that each family business may have, in:

  • The reorganization, adaptation and development of the governing corporate of the family business.
  • The design and implementation of succession plans (both in management and corporate governance of the family business). Development of specific training and mentoring the new business women generation.
  • Searching, selecting and incorporating the most appropiate executives
  • Channels establishment and/or rearrangement to optimize the Company / family relationship (optimizing communication, harmony, trust, common language, family assembly, protocol, conflict resolution, etc).
  • Training of family members as directors and shareholders in charge of the family business.
  • Coaching for executives, shareholders and Family business members.

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